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SalsaRica - the Salsa Dance Factory

SalsaRica Dance School is a vibrant and popular dance school located in Zurich, Switzerland. Specializing in Latin American dances, particularly salsa, the school offers a dynamic and inclusive environment for dancers of all levels.

At SalsaRica Dance School, you can expect a range of exciting dance classes tailored to suit various skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced dancers. The experienced and passionate instructors provide comprehensive instruction, focusing on technique, musicality, and the essence of Latin dance styles.

The school offers a diverse selection of courses, including salsa, bachata, merengue, and cha-cha-cha. Whether you want to learn the basics, perfect your technique, or explore advanced choreography, Salsarica has a class for you. They also offer specialized workshops and boot camps for those looking to intensify their training or focus on specific styles.

In addition to regular group classes, Salsarica Dance School offers private lessons for individuals or couples who prefer personalized instruction or have specific goals in mind. Private lessons allow for customized attention, accelerated progress, and the flexibility to work around your schedule.

SalsaRica Dance School is not only dedicated to teaching dance steps but also creating a lively and welcoming community. They organize social events, parties, and dance nights where students can practice their moves, meet fellow dancers, and immerse themselves in the vibrant Latin dance scene.

Whether you're a beginner looking to take your first steps or an experienced dancer seeking to refine your skills, Salsarica Dance School in Zurich offers a diverse range of classes and a warm, inclusive atmosphere to help you achieve your dance goals.

Our rules!

Absence / Compensation We do our best to balance the number of women and men in our courses. Hence, we are dependent on you: you are obliged to inform us if you should miss a course session. By letting us know in advance (at the latest 12 hours beforehand), you are entitled to compensate and catch up the missed session in another course at the same level or lower - kindly contact us for the arrangements. A refund or credit to a new course is not possible. Validity of the compensation 2 years.

Payment The payment of the courses is due on the day of the first session and can be made either in cash, debit card or PostFinance Card and TWINT, no credit cards accepted. As an incentive for settling the amount on the first day of the course, you receive a voucher for a free entry to one of our parties on Monday or Friday (terms: to be redeemed during the course period, not valid at special events).

Discounts If you book several courses within the same course period, you will receive a discount of CHF 30.- for each additional course (pair or solo courses) students, pensioner and apprentices with a valid student card, holders of a KulturLegi, and dancers with a STZ pass receive a discount. Don't forget to show the card upon payment!

Assistants All active dancers have the possibility to help out in other courses (same level or lower). We cannot guarantee the need for each course, but we will inform you at least 1½h in advance.

Good to know!

Reviews We would be very happy if you would like to share your dance experience with other salsa enthusiastsJ Just drop in at our office and get a QR Code or you can go directly to google & co and share your opinion with the community!

Private Lessons Benefit from personalized private lessons and boost your skills in no time! Esther will gladly arrange and coordinate the lesson: +41 76 440 97 77 (no course / workshop registration or cancellation under this number!).
Cost: individual CHF 90.-/h – couple CHF 50.-/h & person – 3 participants CHF 40.- /h & person

SalsaRica Gift-Voucher Sharing is caring - why not share the joy of dancing?! Vouchers for courses and workshops (you choose the desired value) can be purchased at our info desk or on our website. All attendees of our courses have the chance to purchase vouchers for our beginner's courses for only CHF 190.- instead of CHF 240.- / 280.-!

Every Monday from 19.30h - 20.30h (CHF 10.-, includes entry to the party Lounge@Bananenreiferei) and
Every Friday from 21.00h - 22.00h (CHF 15.-, includes entry to the party FridayNight@Bananenreiferei).

Our instructors and salsa experts are on the floor for one hour, eager to answer any questions and offer technical pointers and support. The speed of the music is moderate and help is available; this is also a great opportunity to assess your dance skills for potential classes.

Newsletter We are pleased to inform you about new courses, send you the program of our courses and workshops and tell you about the various parties taking place at our venue. Don't miss anything and sign up for the newsletter. We won't spam your inbox - promise! Newsletter only in german available.

Course confirmation SalsaRica is a member of Tanzvereinigung Schweiz TVS and you can benefit! Thanks to this partnership, the SWICA health organization rewards SalsaRicans up to CHF 600.- towards their personal health care. Course confirmations can be obtained at our office.

How To Reach Us / Parking Tram 4 stops right in front of the door at the stop: Toni-Areal. Alternatively, the walk from the train station Hardbrücke takes about 10 - 15 minutes. We have 600 parking spots on the roof of our venue (parking deck of Migros). Fees (Monday - Sunday, 1st hour free of charge):06.00 – 18.00h CHF 1.50 per 1/2h / 18.00 – 06.00 CHF 0.70 per 1/2h

Music You don't only get to listen to good music, you can take it home with you! We have several international compilations put together by DJ D ( which can be purchased at the info desk. 1 CD = CHF 25.- / 2 CDs = CHF 40.- / 3 CDs = CHF 50.- / 4 CDs = CHF 60.-

Upcoming Events Our event calendar provides a good overview of the upcoming events.

Courses Overview

Here you will find our course program and the link to register for the course!
Course program

Workshops once a month

once a month we offer various workshops on the weekend. the perfect opportunity to practice, learn something new or work on styling and technique.
Our Workshop-Programm

Experience Salsa Cubana - free of charge!

Join our free Salsa beginner trial lesson!
This trial lesson is a small appetizer. get carried away be the music and dive into the world of this amazing cuban dance.

You can find all dates in the event calendar

Party Time at SalsaRica

Every Monday from 19.30h - 01.00h.
Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Son, Merengue. Entry CHF 10.-

Every Friday from 21.00h - 03.00h.
Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Son, Merengue. New 4 Dance Floors: Main, Bachata, Kizomba and Rueda de Casino / Entry CHF 15.-

+41 76 580 97 77

Our office staff will be in the office as followes:

Sonntag - Freitag 13 - 21.30h

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